Brooks Ethan

21915 Rollingwood Trail · Eustis, FL 32736 · (321) 368-0335 ·

Upcoming graduate of an ABET-accredited bachelor's-degree program in Aerospace Engineering, eager to secure an entry-level position within the field. Throughout my studies, I have gained hands-on experience in designing and analyzing aerospace systems, while actively participating in collaborative projects. As I embark on the next phase of my career, I am eager to join a forward-thinking Aerospace Engineering team that allows me to further develop these skills.


Engineering Project Team Leader,

Orlando, FL

Designed drone models using CAD software and tested components such as their aerodynamic properties within a fluid simulation, stress testing, and mechanical/material analysis and implemented the use of Arduino boards to collect in-flight performance data.

October 2022 - February 2024

Engineering Project Co-Leader

Orlando, FL

Engineer a two-axis gantry system that can accurately move to designated locations and balance between efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the gantry design.

February 2023 - Present

Personal Project

Eustis, FL

Developed a computer program using Visual Studios in the form of a Chrome extension and translated mathematical equations into executable code.

March 2023 - Present

Engineering Project

University of Central Florida

Modeled a realistic car that was subjected to elemental forces and analyzed the effects that the car underwent due to the harsh environments.

April 2023 - Present


University of Central Florida

Bachelor of Science
Aerospace Engineering

Current Classes: Fluid Mechanics, Aerospace Measurements

GPA: 3.6

January 2020 - Present

University of Central Florida

Mathamatics Minor

GPA: 3.6

January 2020 - Present

Technical Skills

Languages & Tools
Known Programs
  • Solidworks - AutoCAD - Ansys Workbench
  • C++ - Python - Java - Visual Studio Code
  • Matlab/Mathcad - Labview - Arduino
  • Excel - Microsoft Office


Attending UCF as an aerospace engineer has been a great experience. (Need to finish this part)

When I'm not either at school or at KXR I love to play volleyball with my friends or go to Daytona Beach to get a tan. (Need to finish this part)

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